Apartment Bedroom Tour

It is very often that I get messages from people complimenting my bedroom. Everyone always asks where I get certain items from, which is exactly why I am making this post! So, thank you, everyone- your kind words mean a lot to me… and my little tiny bedroom thanks you 🙂


Let me start off by saying I LOVE white everything- walls, furniture, bedspreads, etc. White to me is just so bright, crisp, and clean. Well, moving into an apartment taught me that you really need to work with what you have, given the fact that you cannot customize your space exactly how you wish. The wall color in my apartment is a light tan color, which completely changed my decor plans for this space. *my landlord did give me permission to paint, but I didn’t feel like wasting time and money on a place I will only be living in for a few years.* Therefore, I worked with what I have! I also decorated this room (and entire apartment) on a very tight budget- mostly everything I list is extremely affordable!

The windows in my bedroom are massive (and honestly my favorite part of the entire space). They are tall and are surrounded by beautiful white molding. They let in lots of sunlight all day long, which is super important to me because I live in a row home. The bedroom is constantly bright, making it my favorite room in the apartment! There is no better feeling than waking up to the warmth of the sun shining through the windows in the morning.


DKNY window sheers 108 inches in white – TJ Maxx $40 for 2 panels
Curtain ties- handmade with burlap from Target!

The wood floors that cover my entire apartment are beautiful! They’re original and rustic. Wood is very important to me when decorating (I hate carpet!) so these floors were a MAJOR bonus when looking at this apartment.


Rug- TJ Maxx $16.99

Since this bedroom is NOT the largest room in the world, we opted for a queen size bed instead of a king. I decided on a white boho inspired bedspread and 5 decorative pillows to compliment it. (I love pillows, and there are 11 on the bed when it is made!). Mostly everything about this bed is from TJ Maxx, Marshals, and Homegoods, except the fluffy blanket on the end of the bed, which is from Soft Surroundings. *Pro tip- Size up when choosing a bedspread or duvet to cover up the empty space (or in my case, storage) under the bed!



Bed Spread- King $85 TJ Maxx
Decorative Pillows- $20-$35 TJ Maxx/ Homegoods/ Marshals
Sleeping Pillows- Bed Bath and Beyond
Sheets-TJ Maxx
Fluffy blanket- Soft Surroundings

Who knew that headboards were so expensive?! Not me… After searching for the perfect headboard that would not break the bank, I found this beautiful wood panel one on Etsy from a shop called BarnWalls! It is actually 3 pieces put together to make one headboard. (I get TONS of compliments on this piece). The headboard is also backlit by fairy lights, which I purchased off of Amazon for $9.


Headboard- Etsy $135

It was very hard for me to find the perfect nightstand since my side of the bed is what you see when you walk into the room. I ended up finding this wooden nightstand from Marshals. It is the perfect size for this space, and even has outlets on the back of it! There are also two shelves inside of it for storage!





4 things that are always on my nightstand:

  • A lamp (surprise… from TJ Maxx!)
  • Young Living essential oil diffuser (I love diffusing oils at night while I sleep, especially lavender!)
  • Deep Sleep Pillow Spray- got this in my FabFitFun box, love it!!
  • Belkin charging station for my iPhone and apple watch!

Finding a dresser was also difficult because they’re typically expensive. Jared and I took a trip to Ikea and found this large and very spacious white dresser. I love it because the drawers are very deep, holding a lot of clothing inside! This is a piece I could see us keeping for a long time in our future house.


Dresser- Ikea $249

On the dresser, we have an LG tv, a beautiful modern lamp that came from my parent’s house, a beta fish tank, and pieces from a crystal shop in our hometown. Above the dresser hangs a handmade piece from India that I actually got from Free People for $16!



Next to the dresser, is a large palm plant. Adding green in this room breaks up the neutral colors and adds a lively pop of color! We picked up this plant and stand from a local flower shop. However, they do sell this stand at West Elm!


Overall, my main goal for this bedroom was simplistic, neutral, and bright. I chose not to hang a lot on the walls because that can make the space seem smaller. Since this room is already small, simplicity is key. You don’t need a lot of expensive items to make a space look great. Creativity and a tight budget will do the trick!

Shoutout to my boyfriend, Jared for letting me decorate- his style is definitely a little different than mine! 😉 

I hope this answers a lot of questions on where I got certain items and sparks some creative thinking!

Happy Decorating-




2 thoughts on “Apartment Bedroom Tour

  1. This is absolutely beautiful!! I love how it’s neutral but you popped it with the plant!! I am looking for one for my bedroom so I’ll research the Palm!



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